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Protecting Your Computer Against Viruses
December 20, 2006 - by Guenter Gamauf

New free version of AVG 7.5 can be found from the link on the Bits and Bytes Website.

Can also purchase Norton Antivirus or MacAffee (Approximate cost $70)

Check for program updates for whichever Anti Virus program you choose

NOTE: The sending and receiving of e-mail will be slowed down somewhat by these programs since they check each e-mail that is sent and received for any viruses.

Virus Hoaxes

If someone sends you an e-mail warning about a virus to check for on your computer, check it out on the Internet first. One place is Sumantec (Norton):

DON’T make any changes on your computer until you check to see if it’s a hoax or not. You could be damaging your own operating system.

Phishing E-mails

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