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Drop-in takes place at the Downtown Community Centre:
2nd Wednesday of every month, 9:30 am - 11:30 am
4th Monday of every month, 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm
NOTE: The Monday drop-ins will not be available during July and August.

NOTE: Because the Downtown Community Centre is closed due to COVID-19,
this one-on-one help is currently being given via ZOOM.

To request help, contact us in advance of the monthly help time at:
 and put "Drop In Help" in the subject line.

NOTE: You will need a Kitchener Group Card to participate.
Click here for information about the Kitchener Group Card.

This is an informal networking and information sharing time.

We have volunteer helpers to answer questions, find solutions and share experiences.

There is no charge to members. If you are not a member. Join for free.

To join the club, send your:
     - name
     - phone number to
     - Email us at: 
     - put Bits and Bytes Membership in the subject

Kitchener Group Card

Please Note: In order to take part in any free activity at any City of Kitchener community centre, you will be required to have a Kitchener Group Card. A Kitchener Group Card can be purchased at any Kitchener community centre. Cost for those 55+ is $15.00.
If you have purchased a VIP card in the past year, you will receive a refund for the unused portion. This can be applied to the purchase of your Kitchener Group Card.
For more information on the Kitchener Group Card, ask office staff at any Kitchener community centre, or check the link below:


35 Weber Street W, Kitchener,  ON   Canada N2H 3Z1
Ph: (519) 741-2501        Fax: (519) 741-2704


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