Bits and Bytes Computer Club



The Bits and Bytes Club is a progressive, not for profit, group for adults aged 50 years or better who wish to gain a better understanding of computers, tablets and smart phones. The club supports participant-paced learning in a flexible, low cost format. Initiated in 1989 with a single computer, the club is now guided by an executive body and provides services for a membership of close to 175 participants!


Club membership is free and includes benefits like:

Receiving regular emails about
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In order to participate in any club events and activities, a valid Kitchener Group Card is required. This card can be used at any Kitchener Community Centre.
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To Join The Bites & Bytes Computer Club

1. E-mail the following information to
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Bits and Bytes Executive 2022 - 2023

Chairperson Ron Baer
Program Coordinator, DCC Sandy Hrubrik
Past-Chairperson Bill Thuot
Secretary Inge Ford
Treasurer, Equipment Bill Day
Website Guenter Gamauf
Membership Coordinator Susan Watt
Member-at-large Brom Churchill
Member-at-large Lew Ford
Member-at-large Andy Heimstra
Member-at-large Jim Reeves
Member-at-large Gisela Scholz