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Held the 3rd Wednesday of each month except July and August.
Learn about various topics, including computer upgrades, software demonstrations, internet seminars, what's new in technology and more.
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TIME Wednesday, April 19, 2023   9:30 am - 11:30 am
PLACE Via ZOOM. Members will receive a link
SPEAKER Martin BuscherDr. Christopher W. DiCarlo
Dr. DiCarlo is a philosopher, educator, and author. He is the Principal and Founder of Critical Thinking Solutions, a consulting business for individuals, corporations, and not-for-profits in both the private and public sectors.

Dr. DiCarlo also hosts a new podcast called: All Thinks Considered in which he engages in free and open discussion about current, important issues with world thought leaders through the lens of Critical Thinking and Ethical Reasoning.

How to Talk to a Conspiracy Theorist:
Misinformation, Disinformation, and Critical Thinking


There has never been a time in history when we have seen such a proliferation of conspiracy theories. But why? And why now? And why so many? And why are some either coming from or being endorsed by the 45th President of the United States as well as other world leaders?

Unlike any other time in history, we are inundated with information from many sources of media. And we are racing to catch up to what is reliable, dependable, and true – all the while, feeling deep, emotional attachments to our personal understanding of important issues while trying to avoid misinformation or worse, disinformation. It is often difficult to carry on conversations with conspiracy theorists because we don’t have the proper understanding that will allow us to do so. And this takes time and commitment.

The use of Critical Thinking skills, guided by patience and compassion, teaches us how to better understand and interact with the conspiracy theorist in your life. And we want to be able to communicate with a conspiracy theorist with greater success – because they could be our brothers, or sisters, or parents, or kids, or neighbours, or anybody – even you.

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Listed below are notes and presentations as provided to our club by guest speakers.

2023 Presentation Notes

Martin Buscher, March 15
Importance of Passwords

Ron Macnaughton, February 15:
Links to Climate Technology websites

Tim Burrows, January 18:
Electric Vehicle Society of Canada includes links to webinars

2022 Presentation Notes

Stephanie Senecal, December 14:
Seniors Fraud Prevention Information and Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre

Saba Oji, September 22:
Smart Waterloo Region Innovation Lab Projects and Smart Waterloo Region Innovation Lab Website

Dr. Josephine McMurray, May 18:
Long Term Care Research

Andy Donald, April 12:
Medication Overuse


2021 Presentations Notes

Ron Baer, November 17:
Google Office Apps

Detective Constable Dan Cimermancic, October 20:
Fraud and Scam Prevention

Cat Coode, September 15:
Privacy Check List and Fraud and Scam Terminology

Nicole Amaral, May 19:
Setup and Support to Customize MyKitchener Website

Susan Watt, April 21:
Facebook - Fact and Fiction

Dr. Kelly Grindrod, February 17:
COVID 19 Vaccines and Related Information

Peter Rasberry, January 20:
Nature Photography