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Held the 3rd Wednesday of each month except July and August.
Learn about various topics, including computer upgrades, software demonstrations, internet seminars, what's new in technology and more.
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TIME Wednesday, May 16, 2024   9:30 am - 11:30 am
PLACE Down Town Community Centre
SPEAKERS Dave Steffler, Eligibility and Training Specialist from Grand River Transit.
TOPIC All About Grand River Transit Buses and ION Trains

Are you an ION user or are you interested in learning more about the ION and how it operates within our community? If so, you will want to attend the May Bits & Bytes Speaker’s Meeting.

Dave will share a wide range of information about the Ion, e.g. the following items and more
Accessibility and safety features on the buses and ION trains.

- Fareboxes, platform validators and fare vending machines
- Information about what to do if you have questions and / or concerns about travelling on transit, etc.
- How to access training to be more comfortable using transit
- How to pay fares, how to obtain and use an EasyGo fare card
- How to plan trips using Google Maps and the Next Ride Text feature
- Accessibility, training, services for older adults
- Impact of the ION on overall ridership
- Plans / updates about possible expansion, etc.
This system has become an integral part of our community. Come and learn more about its impact, the benefits, the challenges and how technology is making this possible for all users.

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