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Held the 4th Wednesday of each month except July and August.
Join the discussion on computer and technology topics
Bring your questions.
A valid Kitchener Group Card is required to attend in person meetings.

TIME Wednesday, May 22, 2024   9:30 am - 11:15 am
PLACE Downtown Community Centre
MODERATOR Bits & Bytes Executive members
TOPIC AI - Do You Want to Know More About It?

Conversations about AI ~ Artificial Intelligence ~ are everywhere! Questions about AI are also in all of our minds. Is it safe? How can I identify it? What are some AI apps? Is it for me? Can I actually try it?

Well, to move forward in our AI journey, we are offering you a unique opportunity at our next Show and Tell meeting, happening in person this week at the Downtown Community Centre.

In the last 2 months, we have been experimenting with a more interactive format at this meeting where members can share their experiences with other members in a casual, relaxed atmosphere. The feedback from attendees has been very positive; we have heard from many people how engaged they felt and how much they were able to learn from each other.

This month, using this discussion circle format, we are going to be exploring ChatGPT - an easy to use AI app for generating text.
Now, if this sounds confusing or too much for you, trust us, this app is quite easy to use and we hope to have some fun together this month trying it out.

At this meeting, all of the club's devices will be available for you to use. We have installed the ChatGTP app on the tablets and iPads.

You are also welcome to bring your own mobile device or laptop to use. In fact, if you'd like to install this app on your own device, it is free and accessible through the App or Play stores.

We will begin with a whole group introduction, then move into our smaller groups. Each discussion circle will be moderated by one or more of the Bit & Bytes executive members, but we'll all be learning and sharing together. We hope to create an easy, fun atmosphere as we move through a series of questions and simple creative challenges to explore this app. If you have used other AI tools - you may be using one built in to your browser, or have tried other text or image tools - there will be an opportunity for you to share this as well.

Do you have computer / technology ideas you would like to share or have discussed at future meetings?
Email questions to: